A Nice Cool Drink


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Feb 15, 2019
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Central Florida (Ruskin area)
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Saw this wood stork taking a drink and I liked it's reflection so I had to capture it.
Yes, pay attention. Sloppy🙄🤭🤫
Nice shot, once I put the sunglasses on... sorry, had to join in... it is a very nice shot, though. I do wonder if it was a cool drink though... it's a waterway in FL in the Summer, so I'm thinking it was more of a tepid drink... I like the composition.
Very nice shot. The reflection is great.
That's how it looked in that light, the detail got lost in white feathers. There was no recovering any detail, trust me.

I am well familiar with the problem of shooting white subjects
and that is a very predictable condition easily solved with EV.
I tell you what ... if you can correct the blown out white I will. Have at it!

I think I poorly expressed myself.

It is too late to try anything at this point but everything was possible
prior to SR, using your best friend the histogram, and applying EV.

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