A not so simple trip to the zoo..


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Oct 3, 2013
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Ok, so I found out yesterday that apparently a long time fan of my zoo pictures was simply dying to see some more. Frankly I was touched, so I decided to head to the zoo this morning and take some pictures and dedicate this thread to him.

However, when I opened the door this morning, I found my Uncle Bob waiting for me.

20150829 133 by Todd Robbins, on Flickr

He's got some sort of serious emergency, He starts telling me about this really bad raccoon problem.

20150829 046 by Todd Robbins, on Flickr

So I have to drop everything and run to the home depot, because well, Uncle Bob can get overly emotional about stuff.

20150829 452 by Todd Robbins, on Flickr

So we buy these non-lethal raccoon traps, lug them all the way back to his place. Turns out it's not a raccoon at all. It's a big ass mouse.

20150829 064 by Todd Robbins, on Flickr

So, our traps are useless. All the way back to home depot, we return the traps. I ask the guy at the home depot if he has anything we can use to trap the mouse, but the dang thing is too big. Nothing they have will work.

So, we head up the street to the Pet Smart, and we end up buying a big ass cat.

20150829 826 by Todd Robbins, on Flickr

Finally get them home and drop them off, I go back into town and have to drive like a maniac to get to the zoo before it closes.

I rush in, get to the Gorilla house, and manage to get one picture taken at the zoo today before they closed. So, I dedicate this picture to gsgary. Enjoy my friend.

20150829 1155 by Todd Robbins, on Flickr
... so did gump Uncle get the giant mouse ?
Quick update, apparently the cat had no interest in the mouse at all. My niece wound up insisting that she get to keep the mouse as a pet.

So I guess it all worked out for the best. Lol

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Glad you enjoyed it. All is well that ends well, as they say. The niece is happy, the mouse is happy, the cat is happy... and uncle Bob....

Well, he's still uncle Bob.

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Are you sure about uncle Bob? Might that have been Aunt Bobbie (see the last photo) !


Well the last photo is from the Zoo, it's not actually Uncle Bob.. but yes, that is a male western lowland gorilla.

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