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Sep 3, 2020
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Hey everyone! I'm April and I'm from Texas. My dad was big on photography so I grew up with a lot of his little Kodak hawkeye and instamatic cameras. As I got older I had a few newer point and shoots as well. I always wanted something that I could do more with and my dad for as long as I can remember had his Minolta XD-11 around his neck for birthdays, car trips, zoo trips, holidays and just because. After he passed we found all of his other cameras in the basement so I guess now I have over 20 but I don't use all of them since they were stored for so many years and some are missing buttons, use older film but they still look nice. I mostly took pictures on a Kodak DC280 digital camera until it broke in 2010 but it lived a lot until than. I recently got a XD-11 of my own that I'm going to start using, I also have a Ricoh SLX 500 that I inherited from my grandpa, my dads Yashica Mat 124G that I'm getting film for but still learning about and a Minolta instant pro that I can no longer get film for. I'm kind of new to the more advanced SLR cameras but I'm looking forward to learning what all they can do.

Ask away and don't hesitate to show and discuss.
I have alot of old Minolta glass I use on my mirrorless and though expensive right now, film is still there and still being used.

Hope to see pics from you soon.
Thank you so much for all the nice posts! Actually I've been considering getting a Minolta Hi matic 7s as well they look nice and hefty. We've talked about driving to the coast and I'd like to take some nice shots out there. My XD-11 seems to have an odd battery issue sometimes it fires on all speeds and sometimes it doesn't and sometimes it just takes a few presses. I bent the battery tab up slightly so it makes contact and it got it working but it seems to be intermittent. I'm hoping to get a CLA done and get it repaired here soon since I don't know when or if it's ever been worked on before. As far as lenses, for the Minolta I have a Minolta Md Rokkor-x 50mm, MC soligor wide-auto f 2.5 28mm and a MC soligor zoom+marco 80-200mm. I don't know much about lenses since I'm kind of new at this I would like others down the road but I'm not sure what is best for my camera. I want to get a shelf up so I can display all my cameras at some point I think they make nice eye catching pieces and I like seeing them all and their individual looks.
Welcome to TPF, April! We're happy to have you on board. There's a very active Film forum here, where you can chat with fellow film enthusiasts (of which I'm one!), ask questions, and show your work.

Keep posting, and have fun!
Hello and welcome!

I've moved to digital now, but there's some great film experts on this forum.
Welcome from a fellow Texan. TPF will be here to help you along your photography journey.
Welcome aboard.
Hi. I'm new here too! glad to join your creative forum.

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