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Sep 18, 2007
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Macclesfield, Cheshire
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This is a quick self portrait I took when I was packing up my stuff after taking some photo's for my friend.

Im not too sure about it, I don't really like the editing but I felt like it went well with the miserable look on my face!

Any thoughts?

That's quite an image - nicely composed and I think your treatment is great. One could perhaps do a little bit more to it, but I see you dont want us to play.
I like it.
wow i just lost like 10 minutes of a post haha.

can you post the original, its hard to tell as far as lighting what should be different but the first thing i notice is the focus is sort of off. This is a common problem with self portraits, you press the self timer button and then step in front of the camera; resulting in a bad focus. Also the post work you did takes away any features and skin detail that a teenager has, also your lack of smile takes away detail (not that you have to smile for pictures, just a comment).

now what you could do differently is bump up your aperture to 8 or 11 this will help to keep everything in focus. also, see that shadow on the left? stand as far from the background as you can (obviously if you are in a small room its difficult to do) but the farther you can get the less shadow you will have.

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