A reason not to buy the i1 Display 2?


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Dec 14, 2011
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This will be my first monitor calibration unit. I'm using a Macbook Pro running Lion. I know that the i1 Display 2 has been discontinued, but that X-Rite has provided a free upgrade to software that will run Lion.

For those who have been X-Rite customers for years, do you think that buying a discontinued product is a bad idea if I typically like to stay up-to-date on the latest OS releases? Are they the kind of company who keeps supporting older products? I'd hate for OS 10.8 to come out and have to buy a new calibration unit.

Also, although the $250 price tag is a bit steep for me, what am I getting with the i1 Display Pro that I wouldn't get with the i1 D2? (I'm sending my prints into online labs - not printing them myself.) Please explain this in somewhat lay-may terms. ;) I've been trying to read up as much as I can on all of this (including the Cambridge in Colour tutorials), but I'm new to color management.

We have the Display Pro which we run with i1 Profiler. The Pro appears to be the best instrument I have used so far, with very little error showing up in profile validations and very good profiling in the low values. If you want a cheaper option, think about the ColorMunki Display rather than the Pro. The bundled software isn't as versatile, but you might not need that. The Display 2 is not as good for wide gamut monitors.

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