A rose in the concrete.... C&C

Its deff sharp, but it looks like just another flower pic to me, cant tell that its coming from the concrete, and lots of distracting feet in the background. Either blur the background more or back up and let me see where the rose is coming from. just my opinion though which dont mean **** really.
thanks guys, i see exactly what you're saying and i agree, i didn't have much time to set this shot up, seeing as it was 9/11 there were a TON of people by ground zero (which is where i took this shot) there was a huge mob of protestors coming up quick behind me so i had to take the shot and keep moving or else get sucked in to the crowd haha. Im still a noob and don't have much experience with blurring the background in photoshop so ill have to check out a tutorial or something. Thanks for the feedback guys! :thumbup:

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