A Sad Day in Cincinnati

Chris Stegner

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Dec 27, 2007
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Ft. Thomas, KY
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I ran downtown Cincinnati yesterday to look at a Panoramic head. I went to Provident Camera as that's where I like to shop, and one of the few remaining real "camera" stores in the area. Until now! I pulled around the corner only to see an empty store front where my favorite "candy store" used to be. Provident was in business for 80 years here in Cincinnati, and they have now fallen to the internet.

I'm always one to save a buck, but this makes me sad. I've bought some stuff online to save money, but never, never bodies or lenses or anything that I consider of value. I feel guilty now that I've even bought memory cards online. I should have bought locally.

I don't want to preach here, but keep this in mind next time you're looking to buy something on "billsreallycheapphotocrap.com". You could be send a local camera store to their grave. Remember, they make their living at "helping" and "servicing" people as well as selling products. They are much more valuable than you may realize until they are gone.... Then it's to late!
The thing is its not the internet that kills shops - its more the fact that rates on shops are so much higher than they are for a warehouse that an internet shop needs. A few high taxes on internet only shops would even the score a bit.

However chances are that shop is feeling the bite from the current financial situation as well which is killing a lot of shops off simply as they can't keep up with the rates and rent as people are not buying at all (and if they are they are really looking online for deals!)
Actually Provident didn't fall because of the Internet. When the old man who owned provident died, his children took over, there were 4 or 5 of them. All of which decided to make the camera store their full time job. Now you have a store that went from supporting one owner, to supporting 4 or5 I (I can't remember which). Not enough money to go around... Great store though. Even better than Provident, K&R off of buttermilk pike in Northern Kentucky. They have all of the products in stock that any professional photographer could want. Want an SB900? They have like 15 in stock...

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