a shot I did for a local car builder.


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Jan 30, 2012
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conway arkansas
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New here and wanted to get some feedback on some photos.. The car builder requested a dark, textured, and old backdrop..
pardon the logos, this photo edit was for a blog post on a website. I have somewhere around 500 photos of the car and 3 locations.

Nice photo. That black blob top left is what draws my eye, perhaps photoshop that out?
Cool car but your photo is crooked and leans to the left some. Fix that! Also I would make a tighter crop of this and crop out the blue piece of door and tires on the right. They bring nothing of value to the photo. Lots of dead space at the top too. You have all the logos at the bottom and nothing to balance on top.

Personally I would have got some more close up shots of the car to see how else you could work this scene.
really like the car. id agree just a bit closer crop after you level it out. only thing that really bothers me is the lower portion of the front door seems to blend in with the shadow of the ground and loses a bit of detail for me. very nice though.
The logos on the bottom are a bit big for the photo. makes it bottom heavy and uncomfortable to look at. As for the stack of tires, I thought it was a black trash can. I would move them on the next shoot or clone them out if a reshoot is not possible.

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