A themed shot I did for a friend of mine. Looking for critiques.


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Mar 7, 2010
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A friend of mine asked me to do a shoot of him in this outfit. We were both happy with the results. I'm looking to get a critique in order to improve.


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The highlights look a hair too hot, and I'm mixed on the shadows. I kind of dig how deep and dark they are (I mean, that's pretty much the POINT here, right?) but I feel like maybe they could be a hair more open without loosing that deepness.
I like this sort of stuff. It's nice to see someone trying something different. :thumbup:
A little more background separation (hat, shoulders) would have been nice.. maybe a colored rim light or something.
Really nice! I love these types of shots
I agree for more rim lighting, some colored gels could be cool.

Id either drop the back ground to black completely or make it a little more revealing as to where he is / what it adds to the character.
Thanks for the advice everyone. I really should of kicked up the rim light more. The idea of a colored gel is great. I'm kicking myself now, I had gels with me.

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