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Jul 14, 2003
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My fiancé has just won two tickets for a 1hr 45minute supersonic trip on Concorde. I love Concorde, it gracefully roars over my house everyday! Thing is although I love aeroplanes I have a fear of flying phobia! She’ll be taken her mum or my sister. I’m a tad frustrated to say the least (with myself)
why do you fear flying?

is it not having control of the situation or the fear of crashing?
thats a really big thing to give up synergy...
think about it a lot before she asks the other people matey
i love planes
I developed FOF after a dodgy landing at Heathrow, I have flown since 3 times but each one was a nightmare for me. Going on Concorde should be something I look forward to but I would just panic about it everyday and then be terrified on the day!

Specifically, what I fear about flying is being trapped and not being able to get out if I want to. I hate turbulence and if there is any, I just want to stop and get off but can’t! So I’m going to photograph Concorde instead! I’m a little sad that I won’t be going on it but not that bothered, I love watching it fly over my house regularly and was inspired to write this little verse…

As I look out of my front window, strangely the skies suddenly become empty and silent but then I see her in the distance, The Concorde flying silently towards me, the anticipation building as if the goddess of the skies is blessing me with a visit.
By the time I run out of the front door and look up, her four Olympus engines are tearing the sky in two as she performs a graceful bank to starboard and then she’s off into the sunset.
France has stopped flying Concorde but British Airways are still flying from Heathrow to New York. I think their last flight is at the end of October. i saw some pics recently, with one of Air France's Concorde being transported to a museum in Germany with its wings clipped! :cry:
i had a fof, so i feel ya .. i would clinch on my hubby with tears rolling down my eyes .... my fear is mainly with heights

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