Abalone Cove, CA


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Dec 4, 2015
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This was the sunset last night. Critique and input encouraged:)...Its the only way to get better....

Abalone Cove by StefaninLA - Photo 131707307 - 500px

Abalone Cove_opt.jpg
I like this photo. I can't really offer 'critique', as I don't consider myself good enough a photographer to go around critiquing things.......but I can say what I personally would have done differently, were it my image.

Assuming it was a RAW image, I would have brought the shadows up a bunch to get more definition in the front faces of the rocks, and that hill on the left. Or, i might have done a little exposure stacking/masking to get more definition in those areas.

Again, just what I would do, but that may just come down to personal preference. Very pretty sunrise!
I agree with all you said Fungus....TO the point I start to question my workflow?...I just started a workflow thread. I need to update some of my gear I believe.

Here is a copy of my post I started

"I think I need to change up my workflow. I shoot with a 6D, and then upload to iphoto ( i think that is my first issue)...Im not so sure my photos are staying RAW (always shoot raw), but turn in to jpegs??

Then I open from iphoto in to photoshop cs5 where I do all my editing...if any.

I assume there are a LOT better workflows out there. Ive heard of lightroom.

Please lecture me."
Two immediate things strike me:

1) Try not to bisect the image. Typically, when you cut an image in two, the brain is competing which is more important, in this case it is between the sky and the beach. The sky is brighter which attracts the eye. If this was my image, I'd crop just above or at the cliff on the left. This would promote the framing by the cliff of the left side of your image.

2) In this photo, I see no reason to have details in the shadows. To my eye, the most compelling element in the photo is the sunset reflecting off the rocks. I would hit the reflecting rocks pretty hard the dodge tool to create more drama. Details can dilute image impact. Often a simple image with fewer zones will be more powerful and successful than the same image with more zones and greater detail. But, like much of photography, this is all in the eye of the beholder and photographer. Remember, that with most images, you are telling a story ... so think about the story you desire to tell and convey to the viewer ... then compose and expose in a fashion that best reflects and tells your story.
Thanks so much Gary...Very valid points you are making. I am an intermediate photographer and trying to soak up as much knowledge as possible.
Beautiful area indeed...Im In downtown by USC.
Not necessarily. I went to UCLA and live by USC...kind of strange I guess.
Go figure...It really is a crosstown rivalry of the oddest sorts:)
Im not paying much attention but I do believe USC are a little better lately.
If you are talking about the house of curiosities, then no..But it does look like a photographers paradise riding by on my motorcycle. Its certainly on my list

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