Abandoned Mental Asylum, Scotland


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Aug 31, 2015
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This place is less than a 5 minute drive from my home so i took the camera up to try get used to it a bit more. Still very new to photography and editing but i thought this was an interesting subject regardless.

DSC_0058 jpg.jpg
DSC_0034 jpg.jpg
DSC_0187 jpg.jpg
DSC_0113 jpg.jpg
DSC_0167 jpg.jpg

I plan on going back again and trying to get some better shots in the near future
C&C welcome
Thanks for looking

Ive been lucky enough to have been in some of the buildings before but this is when i was a teenager, the whole site has 24/7 security and a jeep that circles the area every 30mins or so now. If you organised some people and had the right tools you could get in no problem, but im going on 26 soon and i dont want to be charged with breaking and entering haha

If you google search Bangour Village Hospital you will find alot of images from inside of the buildings, old type writers, dentists chairs, documents etc. Its got a Chernobyl feel to it..
Wow some really deep and awsome picture.
Here's a trick for getting around chainlink fences and such. put your camera on a monopod (or light weight tripod) and hold it over the fence to get a lower viewpoint, or hold it up high.. You can trigger with a radio remote (!$20 on eBay), or set the self timer on 10secs. Not perfect, but you will get pictures that none other are getting. If it is a picture you really want badly get yourself a long computer cable and tether the camera. That way you can actually see exactly the scene and frame it the way you want. I actually used this technique from a vehicle when we weren't allowed to get out of the car in a wildlife park....helps a bunch if there are two of you.
Thanks for the replies everyone, i will try that trick the next time i go up there. I have a remote shutter release already so im just looking to pick up a strudy tripod soon hopefully. I would like to try experimenting with a different lens as i only have a 18-55mm but i dont have money for another lens just yet so il just need to wait
Great subject, you seemed to be seeing what was interesting to photograph. To me they look like the exposure was a little off. The last one might have been better framed lower with less sky, and that lens seems to be giving you some odd tilt (left side).

I actually like the one of the laundry building, just might need some adjustment or brightened up a bit (not that you want to lose the gloomy grungy look but I find it a little hard to see). If you're new to photography you seem to be on the right track.

edit - Just realized you were probably trying to get those birds overhead, kind of Hitchcock-y, nice of them to fly over right then. They're so small it's hard to make them out, not sure if you could adjust to make them stand out a little more.
Thank you,

I did edit the photos slightly and took out some of the brightness/exposure because the sky was very white/grey ish and i thought some of the buildings got lost a bit. I tried to bring out the contrast a bit more but i agree some look a tad too dull.

Yes i did try capture the birds haha, i seen a few fly over as i took my first couple photos and then i heard alot of them leaving the trees and flying out over the building, i just focused the camera and held the shutter down to get a few shots, hoping to get a good capture of them flying over the building. When i got home and uploaded them on the PC i realised my shutter wasnt fast enough to capture them properly leaving them looking like black blobs in the sky
Took some more photos of this place at the weekend, this is the other side of the village that i hadnt photographed yet.
C&C welcome

DSC_0209 2.jpg



DSC_0202_01 2.jpg

Thanks very much, 3 and 5 are my favourite out of them. I found using the veiwfinder instead of live veiw made a difference

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