ABC Book Template Update - And A Contest! :)

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    For all of you who are waiting for the ABC Book Templates:
    So I have had the ABC book templates finished for almost a week, but they ended up being such huge files that I have run into a little trouble hosting them for download. My super great DH has found a solution that will be up and running by the end of the weekend. I will come and make a post when they're available. I have created one freebie and 4 other book templates (2 boy and 2 girl).

    Here is a preview of the freebie:


    And, I am having a contest on my Photo Tips Blog, and I will be giving 5 winners their choice of a set of Photography Reminder Cards or an ABC Book Template.
    I need some feedback and ideas for upcoming posts for my Photo Tips blog.

    Click Here to learn more about and enter the contest.


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