Abstract Photography

Taking pictures of unusual subjects (i.e. tacks, weird shadow shapes, just a toenail, etc.) Here is the website for abstract photographer Ciro Totku: http://www.totku.com

And here is one of my abstract photographs titled "Racer":

I think many people use "abstract" to mean "non-figurative/non-literal." Basically, it's not a photograph of a recognizable subject, it's just a painting of light and color. You really need to have a strong sense of composition to make it work.
Sometimes when someone takes a crap photo takes it into photoshop and plays around with and then trys to say it is abstract
If you are fortunate enough to belong to a club that is a Northern Virginia Alliance of Camera Clubs member, you may wish to know of an upcoming Abstract Competition. For more information, go to: www.nvacc.org I don't know what abstract is yet, but I'm looking forward to entering this juried (read tough!) competition! Geezer
What is abstract photography?

So your advertising a money making photography course in your sig yet you don't know what abstract photography is?... yea right.

Here is an idea... why not join a forum with more hits than any other, make a generic subject which everyone will want to add thier 2cents worth, and use your sig to attract traffic to your money making site..... oh wait.
lol.......you just gave him more advertisement by commenting on his link.
I didn't notice it before. :lol:
Hmm well i did try and edit the link but for some reason i can't... will have to get that sorted :p
Im not sure if this is a stupid question?
But can abstract photography be considered, something like office supplies from interesting angles? Ive always found stuff like that really interesting to look at, like a pencil... Could that be consider abstract photography?
From Dictionary.com

Fine Arts.
a. of or pertaining to the formal aspect of art, emphasizing lines, colors, generalized or geometrical forms, etc., esp. with reference to their relationship to one another.


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