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A naughty little bunny...
Nov 28, 2011
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Miss Alice and I went for a wander at sunset tonight, I needed a little photo therapy. These two made me smile. remember to always look behind you at sunset you might be missing the real show ;)

Would love to hear your thoughts, thanks for taking a look!

IMG_6784-1 by Judi, on Flickr

IMG_6821-1 by Judi, on Flickr
Really pretty....peaceful...unique...love them!
Very cool! Especially the 2nd.
I like the second. Have you tried rotating it 90 degrees counterclockwise?
These are wonderful! I really like that first one. It's looks like the forest is on fire.
Number two has a sense of peaceful flowing energy. I like it a lot. Ed
OK, I'm different... I looked at the first one and the first thing that popped into my mind was "I've fallen and I can't get up"!!©
Thanks all!
Good eye Ken, I actually did! I think it stays dynamic and flows nicely both ways ;)
I like your creative ways, I think your brilliant and well accomplished. The 2nd one would be a nice desktop back ground. Both have a painterly feel to them. Well done as always. I love when you post stuff.
Aw, JC, thanks so much!
Scooter, I love that!
PR, love that first one, but I am not sure what the second one is all about, but that doesn't matter, because if you like them, then that is what counts.

I too am a strong advocate of "always look behind you." I am always surprised by what I might have missed.

Thanks WG :) For me, the second one is about light, colours and flow/motion as opposed to what the actual subject is, reducing something to a very simple form that only uses a couple aspects (colour and sunset lighting) and obscuring the structure of the scene by adding the motion to isolate those elements. But that's just me ;) lol
PR, "just me" is fine. After all, really, that is what artistic photography is all about! I look forward to seeing more of your art work.


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