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Feb 1, 2012
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Can others edit my Photos
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There are essentially 4 changes the top picture is original , bottom has been edited. I am not looking for C&C on the picture just C&C on the editing and cropping
Not much difference, the only thing that benefited was removing the twig over the back.
People just don't notice that little stuff...except at places like this where people will nit pick the shots.
Over all the photo is to bright.
its cropped, removed thing over horses back, removed red barrel and maybe brighter?

If you are only interested in the horse for a horse picture, then the 1st one is exposed fairly well. The second one to my eyes on this monitor is now too bright. You are starting to loose the natural shadows.

The thing about the image overall is, there is a large range of tones - lights and darks (contrast) The time of day and perhaps the angle plus the fact that the horse is dark makes it tough but you can tweak it a bit in processing to make the overall image more pleasing. Not all photos have to be keepers, if you learn from one, then it served it's purpose to youas a photographer. (I sound like my dad lol) anyway

If you must keep working on this one, leave the horse alone and bring down the other areas a bit to help balance the tones.
power lines in upper left, the pole a blue bucket under the belly I kept being drawn to it. I never changed the lighting though.
good job cloning. Still not sure how I feel about the crop or composition.

sorry about your horse. :(

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