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Sep 27, 2004
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Toronto, Ontario
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Excuse my noobiness. I am looking to get an accessory flash for my rebel XTi. I have just recently started to get into photography (as a hobby) and want to get the best pictures. My interest is mostly portrait photography so a great flash would be helpful. My current equipment is minimal: xti, 24-135 IS lens and hood.

The flash I was looking at was the 430EX. I also looked at the 580EX II but I thought since I am pretty new at all this that maybe I shouldn't spend all my money on a flash. Please let me know your thoughts

As well if someone could recommend a wide angle lens or something that give me more wide angle then the lens I have now that would be great. Again, nothing too fancy.
when starting out, it is best to get with the least expensive stuff, but as you grow, you will want better. you will then sell what you have, maybe lose some money, and spend on the one you should have gotten to begin with. i would bite the bullet and get the 580EX if you can afford it. it is worth it and you will not have to upgrade.
The 580EX is a better unit, no doubt about it. However, many people will never need more than the 430EX...and the price difference is fairly significant.

If you think that you will eventually end up with the 580, the it's probably best to buy that one first.

Besides the 580EX being more can also act as a 'master' flash and trigger one or more 'slave' units. The 430EX can only be a slave. So if you plan to use off camera flash, keep this in mind.

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