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Nov 13, 2020
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My girlfriend is doing some acrylic art with a painted base layer and acrylic paint and coating on top. I am having a tough time getting the green in the top coat of acrylic to come out in the photo like it does in real life. Is there any tips that you can give me on making this happen


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First thing is get the white balance right either in camera or post. Second thing, without seeing it I can't be sure but playing with it post I brought it out more of a turquoise which is what I'd associate with the ocean anyhow. Without going into PS and working selective color this is about as good as I got it.
When trying to do color matching, you need to have a calibrated system. You will want to set your camera to srgb (probably the default), calibrate your monitor to srgb and build a color profile for your printer if you have one and plan on making prints. I use an xrite i1 Studio for calibration, but there are several good methods and devices out there that do similar things. You are going to want to shoot raw to give youself maximum flexibility in Post Processing. I also recommend putting an Xrite Colorchecker Classic mini in the first test shot, which you can get at Amazon.,aps,168&sr=8-4

The Colorchecker has gray scale that can help set exposure when taking the shot and the neutral gray patches will allow you to accurately set white balance in post. The color squares are a big help in adjusting individual color families when needed.

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