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Sep 22, 2010
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Tryed to get some action shots this weekend at my daughters soccer game.
Most of them did not come out too well, next weekend gonna shoot from behind the goal, instead of the sideline, gonna keep trying. Did do some post with this one just wondered what the experts thought about it.

Not too bad. Sadly, the playscape in the background is rather distracting.
yeah i agree with you on that. wish it wasnt there, hopefully the park next week doesnt have a bunch of junk in the background
First problem is the background see how busy it is and off putting, second problem is your settings they are all over the place ISO2000 F6.3 1/1600 you could have easily have been at ISO400 or lower, the good point is that it's sharp
Next time shooting from behind the goal you will get better background, set your aperture wider (smaller number) shooting on aperture priority shutter speed only needs to be 1/500 minimum , start at ISO200 and raise it if it goes below 1/500
If you shoot at a wider aperture, the background will be more blurry and a lot less distracting. =)

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