Actress Olivia Hardt - Studio Shoot


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Mar 24, 2007
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Got the pleasure of shooting Actress Olivia Hardt today.


I want those pants! Who was the stylist?
The makeup is also really interesting. The ear gives me lots of ideas, but I don't really like what the MUA did with the rest of the beads on the side of her face.
I THINK I'M IN LOVE with the lovely lass in the second photo!!! Man--I LOVE that look. Every single thing about it. Well, I would lighten up the eyebrow on the right just a tiny bit. But other than that, would not change a thing!
She is gorgeous! I love the beads. That's saying something because usually I think it's weird. :p
Don't shoot, but who is she? I don't watch much TV or go to movies and such. What's her claim to fame? TV? Movies? Both? I like the second one, she's pretty.
I've got no idea who she is either, so don't feel bad. The only VERY, VERY minor nit I can see is that I think you need to increase the ambient lighting in your studio so that the pupils aren't quite so dilated. Other than that? Stellar!
IMDB shows her as playing some minor roles in both movies and television.
#1 is OOF.
#1 is not.. its shot at about 28MM @ f/16 160/s .. nothing in that shot is OOF
I love #2. 1 doesn't do much for me though.
Terrific work - I love both of them. Agree that #2 is a standout. :)

Must have been a fun shoot with this gorgeous girl. Gosh, she looks familiar, but I've not seen anything she's done that's listed in IMDb.

You rocked it! :thumbup:

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