Adding a 3x Converter to a 135mm Prime


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Jan 27, 2008
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What equivalent focal length will I get and what types of photos would I shooting with this setup?
well if im not mistaken (and i may very well be)...


how fast is the prime?
you likely lose a few sure someone will know exactly how many.
Um, 405mm? Depending on the final aperture, autofocus performance will likely suffer a great deal.
I didn't think you could get them past 2x. You'd have a 405mm prime that loses like 9 stops of light, I think - but I'm probably off on the stops, just a guess.

Not sure what it would be useful for tbh.. and you'd need a tripod.
You're the infidel talking about autofocus...its manual old Hanimex lens and I also have a 3x converter for it...I'll be using that on my 1000D once I get the adapter tomorrow...hopefully...just wondering how far out I'm going to be able to photo with that set up...I do have a tripod...and have noticed the light loss...I'm also getting a ball-head tripod soon so I don't have to use this one I've been borrowing from work...
135x3=405mm you will have 3 stops of light loss and should autofocus with a lens 2.8 for faster. I am pretty sure you are looking at the Kenko 3x converter?
since its not the Kenko disregard the above post! Lol
Your xs actually has a 1.6 crop factor so the focal length will be a little longer 648mm by my calculations with 3 stops of loss for the TC. If thw prime lens is a 2.8 you are looking at f/8?? Dont expect much, I am guessing the sharpness and IQ is going to be terrible. It was for me with only a 2x kenko. I have shot at f8 with a 70-300mm and 1.4x outdoors with good results though.
Here's my setup:

The focal length does not change because you are using a cropped sensor camera.
You're the infidel talking about autofocus...its manual focus...

...and you're the AgentDrex who didn't mention that in the OP :mrgreen:! I all seriousness, I thought that issue could have an impact on how you intend to use the lens, which you did ask about.
The focal length does not change because you are using a cropped sensor camera.

Good point, although he did ask about equivalent focal length in the OP, which is probably why some have included crop factor in their calculations.
The focal length does not change because you are using a cropped sensor camera.

oh that must be my bad then...i was calculating the equiv. :blushing:
i thought thats how it went, no?
I'm just wondering if this setup would be suited for landscape, distant wildlife (including humans), etc. Basically just making chit-chat, when I get the adapter I'll find out real quick what I can and can't do and I promise to post photos beginning of next week...
Well the focal range alone at 400mm is suitable for bird photography - be it on full frame or cropped sensor. However with the loss of 3 stops of light you will be hard pushed for shutter speed unless shooting in bright conditions. Furthermore, as said by others, the fall off in image quality will be far greater far a 3* teleconverter. Generally I don't see many people using these - even when they have top end glass few reach as far as 3*.

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