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Mar 9, 2012
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So here's my situation, I have a sequence of images that I have taken from my t3i. I know my settings for the EXIF metadata, the most important being aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. Unfortunately, the images don't have that information. I've tried to add the EXIF metadata manually in Photoshop, Bridge, and MS Expression Media but so far these programs have all EXIF locked to read only so I can't manually add in the info that I need. Does anyone have a method of adding EXIF metadata to a sequence of images?

The reason is there is no metadata on my image sequence is because I'm rendering out image sequences from a video and I have multiple settings that change in a single take. So even if I got the original video to transfer to images, the info would be useless. It would just be much easier to know how to input it manually. Does anyone know how I might do this? Thank you for your replies in advance.
You're wanting to insert data such as shutter speed, ISO, aperture, etc?
To answer sparky, yes I'm editing those three in particular.

Thank you for the recommendation for photoME. I tried it out but it doesn't seem like there is a batch function. I need to do this for thousands of images and it'll be impossible to go individually.

I got onto EXIFTool specifically its secondary software that gives it a simple interface called EXIFToolGUI and I have batch up to 300 images at once. I haven't been able to process my images yet so I don't know if the tags I'm writing are just comment tags or actually the EXIF data. More on that later. Thanks again!
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I doubt you'll find a batch exif editor due to the fact that what you're wanting to edit normally isn't edited. You might, however, be able to cut down the time spent by creating macros.
I just confirmed using bridge and lightroom - EXIFTool.exe allows you to add in EXIF metadata to TIFFs, JPEGs, and PNGs. The images that I modified now have the necessary info for me to batch process. So yeah, great tool. Anyway, thanks for your replies guys, see yah!

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