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Aug 10, 2011
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Expecting BAM, awesome mountains? Sorry, I don't know that I have the skill lol.

This is basically my back yard, and right now I am focusing on my post skills before spending a ton of time finding the epic mountain ranges or the Adirondacks.

So, the subject matter here is meh, but I would like to know how my post is. What would you have done differently, or did I miss it all together? I feel like I have come a long way since joining this forum, however its been awhile since I really dug in. Right now I am doing everything in Camera RAW, but sharpening (usually high pass) in PS.

(Is it me, or does Flickr add noise?)

Nothing from anyone? Ouch >.<
It's hard to tell how good, bad, or otherwise about your P/P without the original to compare it to.

And give things time. You generally get about one comment per 60 or 70 views.

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