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    Didn't see this mentioned here, so I'm not sure how many people are watching this. Adobe has update it's DNG Profiles to beta2, which is currently being developed separately from the cameraRAW and Lightroom guys. These profiles are destined to replace the default ACR profiles in all the Photoshop applications.

    So what we have here are new profiles, namely:
    - Adobe Standard - A future standard unified with the DNG spec to replace the ACR 3.3 and 4.3 profiles being used currently. The Standard profile seems to give a much needed boost to reds in Lightroom (my opinion but I'm not alone here).
    - Camera Standard - The answer to everyone who complains they like the look of Nikon CaptureNX and Canon's equivalent better than Adobe CameraRAW and Lightroom The Camera Standard are designed to replicate what the Camera JPEG processing or the manufacturer's RAW converter would spit out, and match the default picture settings of the camera. E.g. On Nikons you get "standard, vivid, portrait, and landscape" just to name a few, which seem to match pretty well the nasty saturated colours that the camera's on board processors do.

    Oh and the profile editor has also been updated, but that's only really useful for those of you with ColourChecker charts.

    Get em at Adobe Labs:

    Oh word of warning, they are only compatible with ACR 4+ and Lightroom 2.0+ (not the lightroom beta)


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