Adobe Lightroom for Windows - beta notification


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Apr 19, 2004
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Portland, Oregon
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Cool thanks for this, I seem to remember hearing summer for a Windows Beta somewhere, here's hoping it's sooner :)
Yeah. Last mention was summer and I cannot wait. Tried it on my mac at work and love it!
Gawd darn it! I saw this thread and thought it was a new one saying it was ready for windows! grrrrrrr
Yup it's there and waiting to be played with :)

Amazingly small download compared to normal Adobe apps.

Peter Witham
manfromh said:
But its slow. Or is it just my crappy computer? They should make it so it would work nicely on crappy computers too.

It is not just you. In the beta form it is just a dog on PCs so far. So slow I will stick with Picasa2 for the time being for photo management. I know...I know...don't flame me for liking Picasa...
Picasa isn't that bad. Its great for keeping track of your albums just horrible for editting photos. Liughtroom is basically the Photoshop RAW plugin with a photo manager in its own program.

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