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May 6, 2007
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So its confirmed that I have an indoor booth. I have 2 options.

First is in the back, on the corner, by the bathroom. The bathroom is only for vendors, otherwise this would be an easier choice. This one has a solid wall on the back and a curtain on both sides.

The 2nd is in the middle row, between the center and the one side. This one has a curtain on the 3 sides, and apparently metal polls to support the curtains.

I want to display 8 frames. I dont know if the weight of these frames would be to much for the metal polls, I dont know how thick they are.

There are two rows of frames. The top frame will have a 20x30, a 16x20 and a 20x30. Those 20x30's may turn out to be a 24x30.

the 2nd row is two 11x14's, a 16x20 and two more 11x14's.

I suspect im going to get a thin poster frame for the 20x30's because I dont want to invest $200 in quality frames that may get stolen since I wont be at the booth 24/7.

I do have a portable background stand, thats a pretty good quality, but not heavy duty. It does span 9' or 12', its been a while. Either way the booths are only 8' wide, so I'll loose some space if I use the stand, unless the other vendors dont mind the feet of my stand under their side by half a foot.

So far I asked for the middle, but there is still time to ask for the back one.

Any advice?

edit > forgot to mention that I was thinking of using bunjee cords or rope to go between the metal polls to hold the frames.
How much does your heaviest framed piece weigh?

How high are the walls? Are there horizontal supports across the top/bottom of the poles?

What kind of fair is it?
county fair, its not a high income area. :)

I got a call back, I decided to get some more info, like if they minded me putting hooks in the wall. Turns out the back of the booth by the bathroom is a curtain, the side is a concrete wall.

I haven't purchased the frames yet, im going to do some pricing tonight. I think Ill also price cheap easels for the 24x30's.

the metal polls are 2 or 3" thick, so I probably dont have to worry about bending them. looking back I should have asked what the base is like, I dont want to put so much weight on them that I causes the polls to collapse from the bases being pulled towards each other.

Another problem is I wont get to see it until Sept 5th, the fair starts the 3rd but the building is being used for the beauty pageant the 2 days before that when the fair opens. I dont even know if I can go in for free those first 2 days, I can tell them I dont have my tickets yet but it depends on the gate keepers. :) who may not even be at the gate those 2 days.
I'd go with the one by the bathroom. Sooner or later virtually ALL of the vendors will have to pass by your booth, which wouldn't happen if you were in the center. Vendors can become customers too! Plus, in my experience, fair goers tend to go through a building starting from the outer rows. So, yo9u should get all of them too.

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