Advice needed for carbon-fiber tripods

Just changed my Manfrotto steel tripod to Manfrotto Carbon fibre and my back feels dramatically better. Hope that helps.
I think most of Manfrotto still camera tripods are made of aluminum, not steel.

In the Giottos MT line of tripods the heaviest aluminum tripod weighs 3.49 kg (7.7 lbs). The same tripod in carbon fiber weighs 2.95 kg (6.6 lbs).
That is a weight difference of only 0.54 kg - a weight savings of only 15%

I recommend Giottos tripods and heads over Manfrotto tripods. Giottos MT-9360 Aluminum Tripod Legs MT9360 B&H Photo Video

Some of the critical features are;
• load capacity - including weight hung from a weight hook to enhance tripod stability. Load capacity should be 3 times the heaviest camera lens combo you ever expect to mount on the tripod.
• # of leg sections - the fewer leg sections, the more stable the tripod.
• leg section diameter - the larger the diameter the greater the load capacity and stability of the tripod.
• number of leg positions.
• maximum tripod height without the center column raised. Raising the center column makes the tripod less stable.
• is the center column reversible? Needed to get the camera very close to the ground.
thx guys, i'm looking for a really flexible one as i'm into macro stuff.. heard of vanguard tripods?
Vanguard is a really cheap tripod brand.
I have a Benro Angel. It was cheaper than the Manfrotto version at the time and recommended by my local camera store. I love mine.
is it good?
A truism in life is "You get what you pay for".

To make something that can be sold for a lot less money, compromises in materials, workmanship, quality assurance, warranty, and included accessories have to be made.
The Giottos tripod I linked you to comes with a tool kit and padded carry case, and the center column can be removed and put back min upside down so your camera can be placed very close to the ground.
The center column can also be cantilevered off to the side.

For macro work, you may need a tripod head that has a focusing rails.
We can't really make the choice for you...nor is there really a 'best choice' for anyone. It will come down to what features you want and how much you can afford.

Check out...
Really Right Stuff -
Acratech, Inc*::*Ballheads & Tripod Accessories
Markins: Home of Markins Q-Balls >> Home
Kirk Enterprises : Quality Photographic Equipment for Outdoor & Nature Photography
Photo | Manfrotto

Here is an article worth reading...Tripods and Ball Heads by Thom Hogan

Thanks Big Mike - good, timely info for the OP and me!
could you guys give me some tips on landscape photography? thx.
Good light (the right time of day) is very, very important. A scene that looks terrible at 2:00pm, might look great just after sunset.

The best times to shoot are often just before/after sunrise or sunset.

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