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Jun 6, 2013
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I am getting some equipment to set up a basic studio. Im going to get three lights. Been looking at the Elinchrom D-Lite RX 2 ELINCHROM - D-Lite RX 2

I don't expect to be shooting in a massive space, maybe a maximum space of 6m wide by 8m deep. I'm also looking at getting backdrops and a little light tent.

Question 1: do these seem like a good/suitable light?

Question 2: what combination of soft boxes, umbrellas and reflectors should I get (including sizes)?

Question 3: Elinchrom soft boxes seem very expensive. Can I use any soft box to attach to my lights?
1. Elinchrom's D-Lite line is probably the best of the consumer/entry level lighting. They are suitable for almost all types of work, in moderation, as they are not designed for the rigors of full-time, pro use.

2. What are you going to be photographing? I use my studio lights mainly for people, and IMO, for that, the bigger the modifier the better. My 50" square softbox and 60" diameter "brolly-box" are my two favorite modifiers. The smallest I have is a 30" Ezybox and a handful of 32-40" umbrellas as well.

3. Yes, they are, and there's a reason for that. You get what you pay for. There are lots of lights with generic attachments and or Elinchrom speedrings that will mount to the D-Lites, but, bear in mind you get what you pay for!

It's very difficult to give really useful advice with so little detail. What sort of work will you be doing? Is this a permanent (as in non-portable) set-up, how often will you be shooting....
Tirediron, thank you for your reply. It has been helpful.

To expand on your questions... It will not be permanent, it will be in a garage and setup every couple of weekends. Photos will be of many things including people and objects. It's mainly for fun and a bit of experience. I don't intend to become a commercial studio photographer.

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