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Mar 24, 2012
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Old Saybrook, CT
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I'm switching back to Nikon....... J/K!!! :)

Canon has finally decided to issue me a replacement camera! The loaner I have been shooting with proved to produce far sharper images than mine and tracks way better. I have a few long threads on another forum where I found some hard core Canon A-holes that thought my camera was fine and blamed it on everything from swamp gas to wrong cases and wrong AF selection. Using Reikan Focal the loaner was about 7% sharper wide open on a 10 shot AF consistency test and this was after Canon had my body 3 times (twice with the 500 F4) and had supposedly matched them perfectly together. Hopefully at the beginning of next week I will have a perfectly working 7dm2 that is as good as the loaner..
Great news! I know you will be relieved!
Good news finally.
It will be about 50% as good as a Nikon kit then. Cool ;)

Seriously though, glad it eventually got sorted for you, though even when you were saying there was issues your photo quality was still top notch
Always feels good to get the end of an issue. Hope the replacement works perfect.
Sounds to me like Canon repair service got bought out by Nikon repair service from about 5 years ago. :allteeth: Stuff happens, and it sucks when your the one that it happens to. There are times when change is not only inevitable but pleasurable and a change in bodies will be good. To bad it took Canon this long to make the decision.
Good luck my friend, I hope this one will match all your expectation.

And if not we on Nikon side will always be happy to take you back LOL ;)

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