After the rain

Discussion in 'General Gallery' started by LaFoto, Apr 18, 2004.

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    How do you like this one?
    Is it too dark?
    It seems a bit dark to me. But I clicked the mounted flash off, although the camera suggested it. The flash would have destroyed the atmosphere (the sun wasn't exactly SHINING, although it had stopped raining).
    But then I didn't have any TIME for this, either (for any planning or so), since we were on a family outing and no one's ever willing to wait for me and my photos, they all just rush on and on...)


    The way in which any of my prints' quality deteriorates in the scanning process really p****s me off :evil: :irked: :pissed: :angry1:

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    It looks fine here. Check your scanner software to see if you can adjust the settings at all. If you can then you can bump the saturation up a bit during the scan.

    I always scan directly out of Photoshop and adjust to taste before the file is saved.

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