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Oct 10, 2007
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Calgary, Ab. Canada

Not really a picture for C&C because I know it's a terrible picture with lots of grain, but just wondered if anybody else who comes across older people wonder what they think, or what experiences they went through in life?

This particular person is my Grandma who is 93 years old turning 94. Now when you think what has happened in the past 94 years it makes you wonder what they think now? I assume we'll be the same way, if not more involved with the pace at which human culture, technolgy, and wordly events are taking place, but we can never really fully understand what our elders had to endure and live through in their years on earth.

Just a thought. I find this picture makes me think of that..

Note: I can't get the image to work for some reason using IMG tags. For some reason it's a hyperlink. Does Picasa not allow linking to images?
The grain doesn't bother me much.
I really like this photo. Really made me think of what is going on in her mind.

i think the picture is stunning and that you captured a great moment!

i like that the image is kinda dark but the outline of her face is light separating her from the background and i LOVE the wrinkles!

the grain also doesn't bother me.
Thanks for the responses guys. I thought I'd throw it up and see if anybody else thought the same thing.. She (my grandma) is very quick in the mind yet, so I know she must think of some crazy things. Just to grow up poor on the praries, live through the wars, the depression, dirty thirties, etc. Those were hard times. A lot harder then anything these days (in North America). I'll be deeply saddened when she has to leave.

As for the picture, I was messing around with my remote flashes and that is what came of it. haha.

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