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Sep 14, 2016
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I am looking for a photography tour to Alaska with professional photographers as I want to improve my photography and capture some great pictures of wildlife. Does anyone have experience taking Alaska photography tours that they can highly recommend?
Sorry nothing to recommend but the one offered by NatGeo that is photography specific looks amazing and it's on my bucket list. Well it's on my "if I hit the lottery" bucket list anyway.
My step daughter just moved to Alaska with her Coast Guard hubby. She has experienced more in the last 2 months than most get in a lifetime. A pod of orcas surfacing while they were kayaking actually made her cry! I love the fact that she is getting a real love for nature and doing so in such a wonderful place. I envy you if you get to go OP!
I was just there, but not on a photo tour. There's a local academy here that does tours to Alaska, Africa, etc. Aperture Academy.

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