Alright Newbies.... What's Your 5 Year Plan?


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Jul 18, 2007
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This forum is full of questions about upgrading cameras, next lens selection and such. Have you sat down with yourself and have a conversation of where you want to take this hobby in the future? It's certainly a good idea. That way you're less likely to waste money on frivilous and unnecessary items, making smart choices for your style of photography.

I'm starting to really like this guys videos. Here's a quirky, yet succinct thoughts on such questions for the newbie.

Photography, Lightroom & Digital Camera How To — FroKnowsPhoto D3000 Project – Your 5 Year Plan

Hope it helps some.
Five year plan, if all goes accordingly I'll be sat in front of the fire in my slippers chuffin on a big number with my old girl, I've had it with fyp's which only keep the bank bastards happy. H
this has always been floating around in my head, interesting to have it all written out.. sorry if you were going for a more comical direction with the thread.

Year 1:
- I'm planning on producing enough income from my current gear (primarily 50D + 10-22mm + 7500 EDF) to purchase the 16-35/2.8L and 70-200/2.8L IS mkII.
- Outside of Photography this'll coincide with 6months of working fulltime to make some money for school and then the next 6months I'll be starting a Physiology & Biochemistry masters degree @Wright State University (2yr program). [This is important because my cashflow effectively stops, as does my time for shooting/reading/learning.]

Year 2:
- The year following I plan on purchasing two umbrellas, a soft box and flash units with which to use them. I've liked the 7500EDF, so I'll likely go with two 7200EDF OR purchase another 7500EDF and make those two my umbrella strobes and get the 580ex to carry around with my body - it all depends on cash.
- 12 more months of my masters program; studying for an MCAT; applying to Medical Schools; sitting for an MCAT

Year 3:
- Here I'd like to take any time I have to make sure the 50/1.4 and 70-200/2.8 get good use.I'd like to practice, in-depth, portrait/"people" photography. I want to significantly better my skills with lighting as I've been reading about it and would like to produce results by the end of year three.
- Finishing up the 2yr program; pick up the 24-70/2.8L; taking the summer to visit my family in europe (~90% of it is in Europe) and making use of the 16-35/2.8L and 70-200/2.8L :D

Year 4
- If all goes well by this point August of Year4 means medschool and I disappear from the photography-world for 4-8yrs :-\
- Per chance I've got a year off, studying for another MCAT and taking looots of pictures.

Year.. X
- emerge with (finally) a salary that can support this hobby >_<
- use my first paycheck to pickup the 5Dmk?? :D

...I've always had a great interest in photography and I've appreciated/desired the ability to capture moments in interesting and stunning color, clarity, and composition. I may not have the time or end-goal to push myself artistically as most of you (or the creativity/talent, to be quite honest), but I intend to make the photos (be they snapshots or otherwise) better every time I release that shutter :)

End Goal: I'd like to put together a studio in which to learn, practice, and above all relieve stress.

It'd be nice to someday impress others with my work but for the most part, I'll be looking to impress myself.
I'm going to win the Mega Millions and move to the Bahamas!!!!!! Seriously!!!
my 5 year plan is get married to my current gf she will be my fiance here in a couple months have a couple kids have a decent paying job hopefully something IT and see were photography falls into that plan. It's just a hobby not my life. Figure see about taking the pregnancy photo's and kids photo's myself and probably use mpix or one of those other websites and take the camera with me to capture everything I can. Maybe see about selling some landscape ones if I get that good. Not really looking to make any profit or anything like that with photography
Year #1
buy equipment, spend some money

Year #2
buy more equipment, spend even more money

Year #3
Yup...more equipment, spend the last of my money

Year #4
quit photography and look for a hobby that costs less.:thumbup:

Year #5
Never made it
Year 1 -
Be better than Day 1

Year 2 -
Be better than Year 1

Year 3 -
Be better than Year 2

Year 4 -
Be better than Year 3

Year 5 -
Be better than Year 4
My evil plan to take over the world will take longer than 5 years. :grumpy:
I'm already way past year 5 and I don't think I've ever had a plan...

My plan now...

1 year from now - working darkroom.

2 years - ?

That's the extent of my planning, lol.

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