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Oct 2, 2015
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Hamburg, Germany
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Hi everyone

When I'm on vacation, I often spent quite some time walking around with the camera in hand, looking for "targets".
I may be the only one to bother, but I never really liked holding the camera by the lens with the left hand.
But then again, in my opinion, battery-grips are too bulky and too expensive.
I inherited an old Leica-tripod from my grandfather, which had spent at least two decades in a cupboard (without having ever been used).
The tripod is basically stuck in the folded up position, at about 20cm long, and would be way too flimsy to support the camera if fully extended.
But the screw has the same size modern tripod-adapters use, so I attached it to my camera and use it as a vertical grip (like I did on my avatar-picture).
I don't know if modern "tabletop-tripods" work the same way, but those old ones are not that expensive.
So, if anyone of you is looking for an alternative way to hold/carry/aim the camera, this may be one.


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