Adaptimg an old Minolta lens to a Nikon box


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Oct 1, 2015
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Beer Sheva, Israel
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Hello all,
Rooting around in my ancient junk collection, I found a Minolta zoom lens 28 - 135 mm. It is in very good condition, and I am considering adapting it to my Nikon D5100 camera.
I have all the pieces to make it fit, and was just wondering if anyone might already know what the result will be.
It isn't that I necessarily need the lens, I just can't bring myself to throw it. I got it with a Minolta 7000 back in the early '80's.
Thanks for reading...
the results will be poor.

Assemble your parts and confirm this for yourself.
By "all the parts" do you mean that you an existing adapter, or you're going to fabricate something? Either way, I agree, the results will be poor, or worse.
All right, thanks for answering. I will go ahead and stick things together to just see how bad, "bad" can be. Won't cost me anything except my time, which I have plenty of. :)

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