Am I improving? Look at these and tell me please :)

Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by mrdenn1s, Sep 6, 2007.

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    Please look at my Picasa site and leave some comments.

    I have best best images up and I want to know if they are any good.

    ...and no, it's not porn

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    Living in Snapshot reality.

    Without something previous to compare to, it's hard to say whether you're improving :mrgreen:

    I will say, though, I think this is the best photograph in the collection. It's down at the child's level, a close crop with nothing extraneous, shows activity, great expression, focused (near as I can tell) on the eyes, lovely depth of field, good exposure.... some people might complain that the child's whole head should be visible, but I think that it's got a good reason for being partially obstructed (it's behind something) and the fact that it's behind something strengthens the sense of depth, and also serves as a nice framing element. Some people might also complain that the whole arm and hand aren't in the frame or in focus, but since the focus is on the face, I think it works very well--and again, serves and a nice framing element.

    This is a shot I would love to be able to claim as my own. Keep making photographs this strong.

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