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Jan 26, 2012
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Hi could some of you give some feedback on these would love to hear good or bad..




blackrose89 said:
Why does that last guy look like he wants to hurt me? :confused:

Because he's mad at you! Obviously! ;)[/IMG
And why is the light coming from under the table?[/IMG
good point on the light....more for drama.
It's weird because I actually like few of your photos, then I get to #5 and I'm like WTF! Lol! Maybe he looks a little too much like a prior boyfriend of mine! :lol:

I just don't see any artistic elements with it. Looks like youtook a snapshot of an abusive drunk and he aint too happy about it. :lol:
1-3 aren't bad, 4 has some little car in it, and then there is 5. I've taken my ambien for the night so forgive me if I'm out of line, but he looks like a silly ***** with a shiny prop gun that he wouldn't be able to fire even if he wanted to. And, I bet he had to dilute that turkey with something after the shot to drink it, if he actually did.
You have some nice photos, but #5 is probably going to be stealing a lot of the CC lol.
HAHAHA Ill let him know, man i wish i never put that one up, talk about others would be nice. haha.
personally i love the first two... #1 especially... lovely quality of light...
#2 is my favorite. Just something to watch for, it's slightly tilted and the sky is overexposed/blown out

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