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Jan 12, 2009
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So I was walking around with a friend and decided to shoot some pics of her.

I know she's stage center in most of these, instead of "rule of thirds", but she is the main focus of the photos... I want some critique on what I could've done better.

Yes, it's cold out in the pics, haha. Any C&C would be great:
(oh and I have two monitors. On one the pics are light, and on one they are dark, how do I know which monitor to trust?)


#2 This photo is dark on one of my screens and light on the other.

#3 I know her head lighting is a little sloppy on this one, I got lazy... I had to do a lot of dodging and burning and now it looks surreal.

Gotta love Lake Shore Drive. It looks like you shot them today, it's pretty darn nice out! I wish I could slide out of work to get over to the shore for some pics...

I like the composition in them.
Does the white balance look off on the 4th one.
I miss living in Chicago. I posted a photo a few days back of a row boat on north ave. beach late day in late spring.
your pictures are good, i shy away from shooting models outside when there is still a chill in the air to avoid the red noses. but she looks like a great model and i am certain that if you stick with her we are in store for a heap of cool photos.
Does the white balance look off on the 4th one.

It's actually not the white balance, but the fact that I played with some colors, so it has that tint of orange.

But good observation, I was concerned about that also...

Any other C&C's?
I like #4 the best. Very interesting/unique pose. For some reason, something is making me go strait to the girl. Can't quite figure it out....
I like the last pic as well, but the 2nd one looks good to me too! Nice job!

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