Amazing before and after of my wife


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Apr 19, 2012
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Fort Worth, TX
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So, I have to brag here. My wife started dieting a year ago and as of last week had lost over 100lbs. I am not that great of a photographer, but she wanted to enter a weight loss contest, so she asked me to take some shots of her for a before an after submission. Attached are the two shots she submitted. I see lots of issues with the before. I still think her face looks overexposed in the after, but she liked it. Ive learned that if she likes it, I quit messing with it. These were taken at the same location, almost a year apart.

sara-12 by billross77, on Flickr

sara-4-2 by billross77, on Flickr
I think the first is a little underexposed and the second, like you said, a little overexposed. Either way, who cares! Congrats to your wife, she did a complete 180 and looks great. Well done to the both of ya!
You must brag, or precisely , she must brag, the different is amazing. God jib

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Terrific on all counts! Congrats to your lovely wife!
You must be proud of her and her of herself. Who cares about the pictures!!
Super, on all counts! She deserves commendation and admiration for her transformation. I like the way the before and after will "face one another" by changing her body direction between the two shots. Well-done all around.
Well done. Congrats to her. It doesn't look like the same woman. She looks great ! !
Congrats to her. That's awesome.
It's wonderful you were able to have these in the same spot - amazing is right! She looks gorgeous and happy. Congrats to her! :)
Congratulations to you both! She is smokin'

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Absolutely amazing my friend...I have lost 72lbs since last thanksgiving and its hard as hell...So my hat is off to her, that's like 20 years of extra life right there. CONGRATS!!!!
Wow, your understanding of fill light has come on loads mate! ;)

But on a more serious not WOW! A big well done to your Mrs, and you for supporting her through this. It takes major self discipline and hard work to achive that. Oh and did I mentin WOW! You are a lucky guy!
uh, wow...totally amazing, she looks younger and obviously more fit too. Now, how do I do that?

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