An ancient ancient temple.


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Jun 17, 2015
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Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, India.
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After picknicking at the Pong wetlands some 65 kms from Dharamsala, we returned and made a pitstop at Masroor about 8 kms from the wetlands. Home to an ancient monolithic rock cut temple. While others were busy clicking selfies, I found this vantage to make this shot.
Do take some time to air your views.
Returning from Pong wetland The rock cut temple at Masroor by jasiiboss, on Flickr
I like the composition and all, but maybe the contrast and saturation are a little too much? I'd take them a just a bit down personally.
I agree that the saturatio and contrast might benefit from a tweak, but really, you can't move the temple, and you can't move the sun, so...
Great subject and composition with the water reflection. Agree about the saturation.

I think the people in the image detract. I understand you couldn't ask them to leave :)
I would also like to see the reflection include the top of the temple in the reflection if possible.

Thanks for sharing!
I wish you hadn't cut off the top of the temple in the reflection. I like it otherwise ;)
Looks rich and warm to me.

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