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Oct 17, 2006
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I want to share with the community photographs of my travel in Algeria

The photo gallery is a beautiful combination of different beautiful landscapes, archeology, portraits and photos of people, architecture and monuments, details and much more ...

To see my reportage click here >>> Algérie

Photos are taken: Algiers - Djanet - Tassili n'Ajjer - Erg Admer - Timgad - Djémila - Constantine - Tiddis - Ouled Zouaï - Lambaesis - Cherchell - Madghacen - Tipaza

Positive or negative comments are very appreciated ! Thanks in advance !

A fascinating trip of mainly landscape / naturalistic , archaeological and cultural interest . The itinerary of about 940 miles has been covered in about 8 days with the use of off-road vehicles + 4 internal flights ; from the verdant North with the magnificent Roman archaeological sites with the elegant capital of Algiers and the curious city of Constantine , then directly in the deep South East in the great Sahara desert with wonderful and varied landscapes from breathtaking beauty

I add some useful information that better explain the locations I have photographed :

Algiers is a beautiful city which positively surprises , is called " the white " due to the predominance of the white color of the buildings . It is a very elegant and fascinating city , beautiful the buildings of the colonial era . From the basilica of Notre Dame de l'Afrique you can have an overview of the city which is positioned on different hills that almost arrive on the waterfront . Among the most significant buildings there are : the Ketchaoua mosque , the Dar Aziza building , the central post office building , the palais des Rais , the casbah palace , Jamaa El Jedid , the memorial of the Martyrs , Jamaa El Kebir , the museum of modern art , the museum of islamic art and antiquities

Tassili n'Ajjer is a wonderful mountain range of the Sahara desert located near the border with Libya , the landscape is characterized by sand ( sometimes with high dunes ) and rock formations that literally leave breathless for its incredible beauty and variety !

Erg Admer is a beautiful desert of high sand dunes located on a plateau and characterized by breathtaking views

Djanet is located in the South East of the Country , it is called " the pearl of the Tassili " and it's a small and colorful city completely surrounded by the desert ; it is the ideal point to visit the beautiful surrounding desert

Constantine was called in antiquity Cirta Regia ; the city's kasbah is built on a rocky spur with an overhang of 575 ft on the gorges of the Rhumel river , this feature guarantees numerous viewpoints in different areas of the city . Among the most interesting monuments there are : the palace of Hajj Ahmed , the monument to the dead , the great Emir Abdelkader mosque , the Souq El Ghezal mosque

Madghacen ( also called Medghassen or Madghis ) it is a beautiful Numidian mausoleum considered the oldest in North Africa

Djémila is a fascinating archaeological site of the ancient city of Cuicul . It is an extensive and well-preserved site . Among the best preserved buildings there are : the arch of Caracalla , the temple of the Gens Septimia , the baptistery of the Christian complex , the Roman theater , the macellum , the old Roman Forum with the remains of the capitolium

Tipaza is a lively coastal city famous for bathing activities and above all for a beautiful archaeological site overlooking the Mediterranean Sea . Nearby not to be missed the tomb of the Christian , great royal mausoleum of Mauretania

Lambaesis is an archaeological site where it is possible to admire the ancient Roman legionary fortress of Africa . Among the best preserved buildings there are : the praetorium and the triumphal arch

Cherchell is a coastal city with a picturesque harbor , in antiquity it was called Cesarea or Caesaria or Caesarea . In the main square there is an important archaeological museum

Tiddis is a beautiful archaeological site located on the slopes of a hill and surrounded in a beautiful surrounding landscape

Timgad is an interesting archaeological site well preserved and extended . Among the best preserved buildings there are : the arch of Trajan , the library , the theater , the baths

Ouled Zouaï is a beautiful salt lake

My best regards
I think it might be better if you upload some images, as some members don`t like to click a link.
Marco, you've an excellent eye. I also like your ability to create dynamic range exposures without blowing highlights. Your shots including people show off your ability to interact with and create a connection with your subjects.
My only criticism would be to clean up all the sensor dirt spots before posting online.
The dirt spots really reduce the quality a great deal.

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