An Old Desert Tower

Chris of Arabia

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Mar 10, 2007
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The Magic Kingdom
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About a 15 minute drive from where I live and taken earlier this evening, this is very close to the King's farm where GWB stayed last week - if only he'd have asked, he could have used our spare bedroom, instead of stopping out there... :lol:

Reminds me of Star Wars, when they are on the desert planet...
very nice indeed ... which i was there to take some images :)
I must get a bit closer to the tower when there's a little more light to play with - it may have a bit of potential.
Slightly off topic, but I found this great pic of what would happen if Anty visited Chris of Arabia....

Very nice pic!
I agree with rob91, it does look like it could be a scene from "Star Wars". I wish I could visit there and take some pictures. You did a nice job, cool pic. Thanks for sharing!
:thumbup:Awesome photo! Great lines! Please fix the frame.....too loud, doesn't do the picture justice....a thicker dark boarder would really make it pop.

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