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And another one! Storm#4


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Aug 28, 2006
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Well...we've been having one of those winters. This is the 4th storm in the same amount of weeks. And we've had more snow in this past month, than we did in all 3 years past.

Total accumulation prior to this storm, ~80CM

Total accumulation and climbing today ~35CM

Total ~115CM+

Enjoy, I know I won't, because I have to go plow it now ;-)

The VW Rabbit in it's natural habitat:

The only window of my basement that I can see out of:

Happy New Year!
nobody huh
I assume you are somewhere in Eastern Canada or US...?

We have a fair bit of snow around here...but not that much...good luck with it :(
This is as close as I ever want to get to that first scene...:)
Where are you located?
I wish we had that much snow here in Southern Ontario. A lot melted over the last week so we're at about 35-40 total accumulation.
lol. I am in Eastern Canada, in Moncton.

It's been insane this year. In the past 3 years, we haven't even had 1 large storm with anything close to this.

I don't mind it at all actually, except the shovelling part :confused:
i wouldnt say that vdub is in its natural habitat, if it was a subaru id agree.

this coming from a jetta owner
i wasn't referring to the vdub part, i was referring to the rabbit part :lmao:

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