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Fred Berg

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May 17, 2011
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The doors on the eastern side of the nave, Augsburg cathedral:


Revue AC-5, Fuji Superia iso 200, f5.6, 1/1000 (scanned from negative)

C&C welcome
Crop of the same photo:


Perhaps more effective?
Hi, Fred.

Interesting shot! While I do like the second crop better, I'm not willing to sacrifice the arches at the top of the doors. A square format may be in order. I think too you would do well to make all the vertical lines absolutely plumb.

Since cool colors recede, have you considered making the jacket some shade of red?

Again... interesting shot. I like the title too.

Thanks Pete, I'll try a different crop to retain the arches....
nice photo, really beautiful architecture on the church.
good job
I was in Augsburg for a while last September, but I don't recall seeing this particular building. Augsburg was the hole I crawled into to recover after the opening weekend of Oktoberfest, so I didn't see much of it unfortunately. Bavaria is a beautiful region!
I like the tree shadows as leading lines and also for the contrast of their shapes with the more regular lines of the cathedral, but the shadow on the left side ruins it for me by making it feel unbalanced and obscuring some nice detail. I would crop the original on both sides, leaving just a sliver of the left door and cropping on the right more or less as you did in your crop.
I like the first image - but not the person in the shot.

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