And the next shot is...


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Sep 2, 2003
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This thread idea originated on an old photography forum. The idea is to post an image that matches the previous prompt - and then, give a subject for the next photographer to show. This is purely for fun, and it's fine for us to go through older shots to find one that matches the next subject. It also doesn't matter if you've already posted it here at TPF, and there's no time limit for replies. It can go on as long as people are having fun with it, and if you need inspiration you can always go take a new shot to fit the subject. I'll restart it here for people to join in. Remember it's okay to use any photo you have available.

The only rule is that if you post a reply to the subject requested, be sure and type at the bottom the words "the next shot is - " and pick any subject!

Here is one to start:

Caught in the act


And the next shot is: waterfall.

... so on to something easier to get

And the next shot is:
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Wine glass splash drops shot- not as easy as you may think :)


Next shot is: Something with Stripes

Les :)
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