And then came rain.

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    BAD BAD storms blew through our area in a blink of an eye, and as me and my fiance were watching tv, I glanced out the bay window and the clouds cleared and the sky was shining brilliant colors.

    I'm not too thrilled about this, as I have a disease which renders me...."shutter happy". :lol: I fail to set up a shot, fail to set shutter speed, aperture and just shoot, most of the times even fail to use a tripod. But I did for this one, yet the aperture wasn't set at all right as the car is out of focus, not by much but is noticeable.

    And then it rained, ruining my shot of the lone tree on the hill on the left. I was trying to get that silhouette effect. This is the only angle where it wasn't raining, under the garage hangover so i got more than that lone tree. so the composition is "noisy".


    All I really wanted to do was capture the color and try to pull of some sort of composition. Comments welsome! :)



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