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Dec 2, 2011
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Toledo, Ohio
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well, me and Asia had some time to get our and shoot today.

shot some pics, processed, scanned, and edited..

for those not aware...

we are shooting on black & white film. processing at home. scanning with a $50 all in one scanner/printer NOT a film scanner. so, obviously we are missing some data due to the inferior scanner, and we have some banding. it also throws off the brightness/contrast because of the way i have the scanner macguyvered.

but, it works for now, until we get a film scanner.

here's a few i figured i would post. the rest are on the flikr page for anyone interested in seeing the rest... but i'm not getting yelled at for posting 24 pics for c&c :) :lol:

Today, I had a roll of ISO 400 in the camera, and since we were shooting around the yard, i opted to shoot in strictly A/V mode, since there wouldn't be any action to stop. I wanted to see what sorts of shutter speeds the camera would recommend.

1. The Fence. ISO 400. f8. shutter 125.
with this shot, i originally had the aperture higher, so everything was in focus, but i didn't care for it, so i dropped it down some. But not all the way down to 1.8 lol... of course, i couldn't even if i wanted, my lens only goes down to 3.5 :lol: This came out just the way i was hoping. vertical lines in the fence, the leading line of the connecting beam and the snow.

the fence by jaythomson, on Flickr

2. Icicle. ISO 400. f5.6. shutter 45.
with this shot i just REALLY wanted a freaking icicle.. and i finally found one.....hanging from my stupid bumper .. uggh... down on the ground laying in the snow.. for a background i had the choice of the driveway or the back tire.. i opted for the driveway, and a wide aperture to blur it a little. i was nervous that the pic would come out blurry, because the shutter dropped down to 45 and i was handheld.. but i had the focal length at 50mm. i think it came out ok.

Icicle by jaythomson, on Flickr

3. The Creek. ISO 400f11. shutter 125.
i took a few different shots of the snow covered creek behind our house. i thought it would make for some nice contrasts with the dark water and trees against the snow covered banks. i would like this better had i been able to sneak the focus past that stupid tree on the left foreground. but i wasn't in the mood to slide down the bank into the water today. i used a smaller aperture to get more in focus. not sure if i should have went even smaller or not?

Creek 2 by jaythomson, on Flickr

4. Swing. ISO 400 f8. shutter 1000
this was the image that brought us to the backyard today. while letting the dog out last night, i got a glimpse of our bench swing and the way the snow had piled onto the plastic straps in the absence of the cushion. i thought it had a nice contrast. so we decided to go out back and get some shots. i used a little wider aperture so that i could have more in focus. but i think i was still a little too small, because the foreground is a a little more OOF that i was hoping for. but, i did get the look i was hoping for.

Swing by jaythomson, on Flickr

at the end of the day, i'm happy with how everything came out for the most part. we got decent looking images, despite the battle with the scanner. the negatives definitely look better, and sharper than what is being displayed here. i am confident that they will look much better once scanned on a proper scanner.

and, we were able to put some of recent learning and reading to use. didn't have any completely wasted shots. and shooting in a/v was quite interesting seeing just how much the shutter speed changed when the aperture was changed. not only from one shot to the next. but while focusing for each shot, i would change the aperture, and make note of how that changed the shutter...

was a good learning day i think.
#4 is by far my favorite of these. Never would have thought it was a swing.
I like #1 but not the yellow tone (scanner issue?)
The icicle would be better with the tip showing.
The rest don't do it for me.
I like #4 also... interesting.. abstract even! :)
I really like #1, one minor suggestion for that one would be to crop a bit off the right side to get rid of the dark spot and bit of snow out from the bottom right corner.
My least favourite is the creek shot, it doesn't seem to have a point of focus.
Looks like you did a fantastic job on developing the negs!
I like #1 but not the yellow tone (scanner issue?)
The icicle would be better with the tip showing.
The rest don't do it for me.

there wasn't a tip lol.. one end was connected to to the car, the other end was connected to the ice on the driveway. it was more of an ice rod than an icicle. lol.

the yellow was added by me in pp. i added a slightly mustard-ish tint i guess i was trying to make the wood look like wood instead of just black white... adding color to a black and white image.... i guess my amateur status came through on that one :)

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