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Apr 16, 2021
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50 miles NE of Fargo, ND
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Hi all. I came across this forum a couple of days ago and like what I see so I decided to sign up.

I've had a camera in my hand since I was 7 years old, moving from 120 format to 35mm B&W darkroom, slides, then digital and now returning full circle back to 35 and 120 format again.

Just wanted to say "hi" and learn as much as I can.

Ah, you don't have to learn ... you just have to remember what you already know.
The earliest memories are the hardest to erase ... I have problems remembering yesterday, but I can still remember the first roll of film I shot.
Our Film forum is not as active as our Digital sections ... but there are enough of us to keep it going, like Scotty.
Welcome to the forum. There are a few film enthusiasts. Since you’ve found that section, you’re on your way :)
Hi welcome
Don’t worry about the memories you won’t rem you forgot them lol
Welcome and enjoy the Forum.
I used to bulk load, shoot, process and print B&W exclusively. Now I'm coming around full circle in my old age and getting back to film. Tanks and chemicals for developing are due in tomorrow. :)
Sounds like fun! Some of us just like working with our hands, I think.

Welcome to the forum! I hope you'll post some of your work for us in the Photo Galleries.

Lots of film enthusiasts here, so you're in good company. If you haven't already, check out the Film/Analog subforums here, too, for conversation and feedback.

Keep posting and have fun!

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