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Feb 27, 2006
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This is just my own personal rant… Complaint, whatever you want to call it.

I did a naughty thing at work, and as a form of penance, I had to take the photos of everyone in the company on all three floors.
(Approx 190 people).
This is an Arch./Eng. Firm, and for those who are unfamiliar, this bunch can be very eclectic in everything they are: ranging from personalities to dress and attitude.

The main point is though, I found in some cases some people who were more than willing to pose for these photos, and those who showed open, raw, venomous hostility toward me. Short of throwing things at me, I found that I have now made many an enemy.

So, for those who ever had to do this before, any words of encouragement/discouragement, advice, sympathy, wisdom or where one can go to get a new ID… Please let me know.
You did a job that you were asked to do. If some have a problem then it's their problem and not yours. If you are treated poorly for taking a photo then they more than likely were not worth knowing anyway. Don't let their problem become yours. Life is far to short.

By the way, just what did you do?
at the end of the day after the last photo was taken, you could've gotten a worried look on your face and said "uh oh...forgot to put the film/memory card in....guess we'll re-do this on Monday". Have a good weekend. Until then....have yourself a cold/warm one...

Johnboy2978 has the right attitude. At least you got through it. I feel your pain brother.

I am photo editor on the paper's Business Professional Women special section. Editorial shots generally are fun because the ladies are psyched about the story. Advertising of course is a different story. The deal is the company takes out an ad to honor the lady employees. Long story short; 75% of the photos are a battle. Getting 15 office ladies to pose for 10 minutes is apparently a logistical nightmare. I arrive promptly and they put on make up etc for 20 minutes. My blood would boil when they say "can we hurry this up". Then the ones who say "I hate having my picture taken" actually hide behind the other ladies. Refusing to pose where I want them is also classic.

After a bunch of crappy shots my attitude changed. I now explain that we are going to get a good shot the easy way or the hard way. The easy way I am out of there in minutes. Everyone is happy. Hard way is me playing with my camera until you ladies can relax and smile. Never mean; just kind of in control.
The 'Naughty' Thing that I did was get involved with a project that turned out to be WWWAAYYY over my head, and I wound up screwing up one deadline. At least partially. For that, I was taken off that project and sent back to doing red-lines. (I know, the tearmanology is confusing). But anyway, I had already been reconized as a (relitivily decent) photographer and was promptly sent on my way to get photos of everyone at thier desk.

Unbenounced to me, though I had come to discover much later in the process that this had been attempted before.

With similar results...

Many a comment were little ditties like: "...Oh who did you **** off..", " your the one to do this now eh?", "..Yea, I tried once..." You get the picture.

Anyway, I just wanted to know if I had been had, or if this is something that is more common than not. :confused:

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