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Mar 25, 2005
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Antony Gormley's Another Place

There are one hundred of these iron men placed along the coast of Crosby Beach. They all look out to sea, like they're waiting for something mysterious to arrive. Kids like to dress them up and stuff. it's pretty cool



Very interesting shots. I like the rippled sand under the water. What exactly do these 100 iron men represent, or stand in honor of ?
Nice... I Like these... I Could definitely spend some time there with these structures....I would think the different light, or time of day, weather, tides, etc, would make for an endless photo opportunity, I don't see anyone growing tired of. One question. How are they fixed to the beach?
Those are too cool! I have to find this place.

Have you considered (or would you) turning one of these B&W (Number 3)?
Dagwood - it's not in honour of anyone. Antony Gormley is an artist who does this sort of thing. I think he has done something similar recently in London, except the men are placed all over the city, on top of buildings and stuff like that. He also done a cloud in a box! :)

Cappahayden - I've been there a couple of time and you are right, the light and environment is always different every time.

Underneath their feet they are on some sort of stand that sinks into the sand. You can see the top of it on number 2

dpolston - They are in Liverpool in Engand. They were meant to be moved to New York after here i think, but the locals had grown to love them, so the council bought them.

Black and white sounds like a good idea. I will definately give that ago
What a great photo op. Would love to see this in person. I, too, like how you can see the rippled sand beneath the water of the puddle in which the figure is standing. Thanks for sharing
I really like these, 1 and 3 are really cool. 2 is a bit to central for me ;)
thanks for the comments

here is a B&W of #3


not sure which one i prefare

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